From Darwin Street Art Festival 2017

Saltwater Home

Tim De Haan (Phibs) and Shaun Lee

The sun rises over the ocean in Tim De Haan’s home in Sydney and sets over the ocean in Shaun Lee’s home in Darwin. Both artists are deeply influenced by their saltwater homes and the bold futuristic designs blend together their unique styles and rich cultures.

Lee is a Darwin-born Larrakia man while De Haan grew up by the ocean in Narooma on the far south coast of New South Wales. Lee’s crosshatching is a Larrakia design while De Haan’s curves are reflective of the ocean swell of his childhood.

“The crocodile, the barra, long-necked turtle and magpie goose – Darwin is a saltwater area and these are also significant to me and my family being saltwater people. The colours are outback colours – you get amazing sunsets up here and the red earth and blue skies. Especially during this time of year when they’re doing the burn off when the sky turns purple”, explained Lee.
For De Haan, it’s important to leave behind a piece of art that anyone can connect with.

“I think it’s important to have outdoor galleries for people to enjoy at any time, whether you’re coming home after a few drinks or a dinner, or out for a walk first thing in the morning. The beauty of abstract work is that people will see stuff within that we haven’t planned”.