Loretta Lizzio

Shilo McNamee

From Darwin Street Art Festival 2017

Wild and Free

Loretta Lizzio and Shilo McNamee

The Northern Territory is home to Australia’s largest population of wild horses, or brumbies. A tangible link to the rich heritage of the Territory’s stockmen and station life, artist Loretta Lizzo was inspired by their symbolism of power and freedom.

“I can remember always loving them and thinking they were so beautiful and looked so wild and free”, said Lizzio.

Horses have a special place in the hearts of many people in the Territory, and during the painting process many stopped to share their stories with Lizzio.

“Everyone has a story about the time they used to own horses. When you’re painting on the street different people connect with it in different ways, it’s really nice to hear everyone’s stories”, reflected Lizzio.

The Melbourne-based artist grew up on a sugarcane farm in Queensland and remembers jumping on the backs of her neighbour’s horses, but is especially drawn to the power of those in the wild.

“I’ve always wanted to paint a horse. I was aiming for quite a romantic piece”.