From Darwin Street Art Festival 2017

Poppies for the people

Mike (Makatron) and Sped

The location of this mural, adjacent to the Darwin RSL club, provided significant inspiration for artist Mike.

Mike sought to link and contrast the distant World War I battlefield of France, and it’s iconic red poppies (said in folklore to have grown from the blood of fallen soldiers soaking into the ground), to the green of tropical vegetation in the Top End, home to the families of the forever-lost soldiers.

The tropical scenery can also be seen to evoke more recent conflicts, such as the Vietnam War. Tropical vegetation can be seen as lush and inviting, or oppressive and overwhelming, depending on your experience.

“I like to represent the magic of Australian landscape and flora and fauna and put a twist on it.

It’s a creative interpretation of past works with jungle landscapes and forest scenes. I think most people who see it will get some sort of enjoyment out of it, big or small and I hope it inspires people to add colour to more walls”, Mike said.

The Darwin RSL celebrated their centenary on September 13, 2017.