Tom Gerrard (AEON)

David Collins

From Darwin Street Art Festival 2017


Tom Gerrard (AEON) and David Collins

Tom Gerrard’s passion is finding the shapes that shape a city. The Melbourne-based artist was keen to explore the relationship between tropical flora and architecture, and how they work together to form a unique, livable space.

Tom worked with local artists David Collins and Les Huddleston to explore the striking angle and silhouettes of some of the Top End’s most iconic natural and built structures- the town hall ruins, a banyan tree, a chair resting lazily beneath a palm tree, an elevated house, a water tower and a termite mound.

Gerrard’s distinctive minimalist colour palette of red, black and white was an evolution of daily drawings with red and black pens, and painting murals in developing nations with very basic materials. The simplicity of the painting also emphasizes the architectural elements of his subjects.

Looking beyond the border of the mural you may spot a cheeky mullet-man. He isn’t a response to the magnificent manes and mullets sported my some Territory residents, but instead is a character of Gerrard’s seen throughout the world.

A little red notebooks travels with Gerrard wherever he goes, and it’s now plump with sketches of Darwin’s defining landmarks and tropical plant and wildlife.